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05 | Vijay Amirtharaj – Ancient Civilizations Were Connected

05 | Vijay Amirtharaj – Ancient Civilizations Were Connected

Vijay – Ancient Civilizations Were Connected | The Strange Road #05

Connecting the Dots Part 2

Vijay is back y’all! We had a ton of inspiring comments from the last

episode with Vijay. We were able to squeezed in this episode right

before Vijay left to move back home to India. He has been traveling all

over continuing his research into the connections and similarities of

all the ancient traditions of the world. Vijay’s presentation tripled in

information since the last time he was on. We spoke with him on a

Twitch Stream a month ago and has expanded his scope even further since

this episode was recorded. What really blew my mind was the similarities

of temple complexes and ancient languages. So many old traditions have

words that share the same sound and phonetics of other traditions. Like

Hopi, Sanskrit and the most ancient spoken language in the world, Tamil.

BIO: Vijay Amirtharaj is from India, a Master’s in Psychology. A

self-realized man with a motive to enlighten the community with the

ancient knowledge that he has gathered over the years of research in

Hinduism and other religions. Have given a unique perspective to ancient

sites in the USA that no one else has done before. He is actively

engaged in initiating an institute in India and other countries for

higher consciousness & Scientific Hinduism Specializing in Yogic,

religious and life science.

The Story of Turtle Island as guarded and shared by Jacob (Mowegan)


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Join us as we travel with Vijay down The Strange Road…

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