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The Strange Crew specializes in the end-to-end production of interactive & immersive live streamed experiences.

Our journey through the landscape of live music performances, transformative festivals, conferences and events has been instrumental in developing our passion. A passion for sharing impactful moments happening live to an engaged audience online. While traveling down this long strange road our live broadcasts have resonated with global audiences and communities.

Maximizing the online exposure for conferences and events of all sizes is our desire. Your message matters and sharing that message to audiences outside the live event space is crucial. We seek to break down information and communication barriers so that your community can grow even larger.

The Strange Road will help you navigate the process of connecting to a virtually engaged live audience while amplifying the impact of your message.


Mikey Liesner

Mikey has used filmmaking as a vehicle to pursue his many passions, including music, live events and documentaries. Over the years he has sharpened his skills in various aspects of production and is driven to tell stories through documentary film, podcasting and live streaming technology.

Kyle Stoner

Over the past decade Kyle has traveled across the country and beyond capturing stories and honing his craft creating impactful livestream experiences. Sharing the stories that need to be told with a globally connected community.