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The Strange Road will be there with you every step of the way. From run of show development, to tech checks with your presenters, to GFX creation, as well as producing and directing your live stream. The Strange Road has an experienced team that will help get you and your presenters ready to go live!

When producing a Virtual Event with The Strange Crew we’ll bring an engaging, broadcast quality show that creatively flows so your audience is informed and entertained. Utilizing polls, chat and other features that keep the viewer engaged with the information presented. Our goal is to create a virtual space where your audience can feel like they are a part of the show.


Whether your clients, patients, the public or your employees are in person, online or both. The Strange Road will help you deliver your message in an immersive, inclusive and engaging way. We can create an unforgettable experience that will leave your viewers feeling as if they were a part of something extremely unique and professional.

We want to look at your production from the attendees perspective. The audience, no matter if they are in person or virtual, will walk away feeling their needs were met and expectations exceeded.


The Strange Crew can elevate your concert or music festival with a dynamic IMAG show for your LED walls or screens. Our team can also record or broadcast your show live. We have been working in live music production for 15 years and have provided support for PromoWest Productions, Bunbury Music Festival, Sonic Temple (Rock on the Range) and Lost Lands Festival.

We’ve been on the ground for years providing small and large organizations across the country with their special events. Our team can produce, direct or assist in any multi-cam broadcast, live or pre-recorded.


The Strange Road producers will work with you and your team to develop the event’s overall goals and strategy for delivering your message to virtual or hybrid audiences. Bringing your event into the comfort of someone’s home. This allows you to expand your audience to the folks that can’t make the travel or don’t have the means to attend a live conference.

Our team will help you create long-term content that can be recorded and posted on your website or available for replay on a number of platforms. Creating a Webinar Series allows you to provide a way to connect with your audience again and again. This can be utilized to and capture valuable information about your customer base, patients or clients. Deliverables include full reports with pertinent marketing information to generate leads for further communication.

We will manage communication with your team and presenters. Ensuring they are set up for success and we’ve answered all their questions before we go live.

  • Presenters from multiple locations
  • Graphics, Video Playback, and Closed Captions
  • Presenter Tech Checks
  • Q&A, Polling and an Active Chat

The Strange Road offers consultations to find all the solutions and tools that will make your webinar engaging and entertaining to your audience.


Would you like to expand your revenue stream for your live conference? The Strange Road specializes in ticketed live streams. Whether your event is a live, in person event or virtual. We can offer an engaging immersive experience to an audience that would otherwise not be able to join for various reasons. The Strange Road has been developing workflows for producing paywalled events for over 5 years. We’ll guide you through the run of show development, marketing and promotion, data capture and reports, live stream platforms, presenter communication, tech checks, graphics creation, Q&A, chat, polling and much more. Our team would love to team up with you and create an incredible broadcast quality live stream experience that your audience will never forget.