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08 Part 1 | Cryptids of the Corn SWAPCAST – Bigfoot Encounter, Sky Creatures and Serpent Mound

08 Part 2 | Cryptids of the Corn SWAPCAST – Bigfoot Encounter, Sky Creatures and Serpent Mound

Cryptids of the Corn Swapcast | The Strange Road #08 Part 2

Mikey and Bub hangout with Justin and Jay from Cryptids of the Corn for the first SWAPCAST from Brozone Studio. We started chatting with them leading up to Cryptid Con back in November and hit it off immediately. We had some beers with their team and Patreon members at the hotel bar that Friday night before the event kicked off. Great people. Had some laughs, shared some stories. They are super cool dudes and are from Ada, OH not far from where Bub, Stoner and I grew up. This one was sure to go all over the place. The biggest take away was Justin’s research on Carnivorous Clouds and Strange Sky Beasts. See Cryptids of the Corn’s full episode below on their Spotify Channel to go deeper. It was an honor to have the boys in studio and we’re looking forward to more episodes in the future with them.

Cryptids of the Corn – Patreon Exclusive Carnivorous Clouds and Strange Sky Beast S.2 Ep.41:

Bio: Cryptids of the Corn is a podcast that a couple of buddies with a shared interest in the cryptozoological, paranormal and the plain strange. We focus on the Midwest and the Appalachia regions of the U.S. and venture out of those borders. We cover big cryptids, one off cryptids, some big questions on the subjects of the strange, interviews with eyewinesses and a little bit of a science lesson. We invite you on this journey with us thru this strange, wonderful world of our. Find them on Facebook and other social medial or email them at Find us where you listen to podcasts.

#strangeskybeasts #cryptids #ancientcivilizations

Join us as we travel with Cryptids of the Corn down The Strange Road…

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