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09 Part 2 | Jeffrey Wilson – Ancient Apocalypse and Serpent Mound

09 Part 2 | Jeffrey Wilson – Ancient Apocalypse and Serpent Mound

Jeff Wilson – Ancient Apocalypse & Serpent Mound | The Strange Road #09 Part 2

In this P2 episode Jeffrey goes deep on several topics concerning Serpent Mound. Jeff could give a 100 hour presentation on Serpent Mound probably! We go through the various ancient cultures that were once in Ohio throughout prehistory. Which includes Fort Ancient, Intrusive Burial Mound Culture, Hopewell Culture and The Adena. We touch on the Serpent Mound Impact Crater. If that topic interests you we have a comprehensive episode with Thomas Johnson concerning the Impact Crater on 01/11/23. We go through LIDAR scans, archaeoastronomy and carbon dating at Serpent Mound as well. We hope you enjoy this Part 2 episode with Jeff as much as we did.

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Join us as we travel with Jeffrey Wilson down The Strange Road…

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