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13 | Kyle & Steve from The Holosky Podcast – The Watcher

13 | Kyle & Steve from The Holosky Podcast – The Watcher

13 | Kyle & Steve from The Holosky Podcast – The Watcher

Mikey and Bub are super stoked to be hanging out with Steve Cannon and Kyle Brady from The Holosky Podcast! The Strange Crew has been following their show for awhile now and love what they are doing. The research goes deep in their episodes, exploring the darker side of various paranormal phenomenon. We have so many strange interests and topics that intersect. They are into so many things we need to know more about. Which always makes for an awesome conversation. If you dig these, guys head over to their channels below and Follow, Like and Subscribe. Checkout out all their podcast episodes and Night Shift Live Streams on YouTube! The chat rocks and the Holocult and Weird Fam are the best people you’ll ever come in contact with.

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Join us as we travel with Mikey, Bub and Stoner down The Strange Road…

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