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14 | Vijay Amirtharaj – A Journey Through Ancient India தமிழ்

14 | Vijay Amirtharaj – A Journey Through Ancient India தமிழ்

14 | Vijay Amirtharaj – A Journey Through Ancient India தமிழ்

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Vijay is back for ROUND 3 with Mikey and Bub! We were lucky enough to have Vijay in Lil Brozone studio for EP04. Then EP05 we shot in the beta version of the new studio in the summer of 2021, right before he moved back to India. Vijay worked in Cincy for 3 years and became interested in Earthworks and Mounds. Check out our first two episodes to hear how Vijay began to make connections with Ancient Ohio and Ancient India. As well as connections to his native language, Tamil தமிழ் and other languages around the world.

The Peculiar Connection Between the Amerindians and Tamils | Lewis Henry Morgan (Lawyer/Amerindian Anthropologist 1851-1881)

Vijay has been featured on several extremely popular Tamil தமிழ் YouTube channels and Television programs presenting his incredible research. We wanted to thank them for sharing our videos and links to our episodes with Vijay. Below you can find those channels and videos.


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Join us as we travel with Mikey, Bub and Stoner down The Strange Road…

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