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17 Part 1 | Joel Thomas – Music Industry PSYOPS, Ancient Bloodlines & Hunting Cryptid

17 Part 1 | Joel Thomas – Music Industry PSYOPS, Ancient Bloodlines & Hunting Cryptid

Joel Thomas is a singer, songwriter, podcaster and cryptid hunter from Cincinnati Ohio. Having always been involved in some facet of music since childhood, he started the group, VanTesla, with Quan Duke in early 2021 with their self titled debut. This spawned a number of VanTesla related and Joel Thomas solo projects over the following two years which eventually morphed into the brand and label, VanTesla Music. During that time, Joel connected with Tony Merkel from The Confessionals Podcast and CEO of Merkel Media who brought him on board with a documentary team to go on expeditions into the strange world of the paranormal, cryptids and ufos. His first documentary, “Expedition Dogman”, was a huge success and found its way to Amazon Prime among other streaming platforms. Joel also connected with Sean Chris, who started Kill The Mockingbirds Podcast, who asked Joel to come on board to joint host the show which soon after was picked up by Merkel Media’s family of podcasters. Joel has never been conventional in anything he has ever pursued in life, which resonates with people the authenticity he tries to bring with everything he is involved in.

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Join us as we travel with Mikey, Bub and Stoner down The Strange Road…

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Joel Thomas – Music Industry, Ancient Bloodlines & Hunting Cryptids


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