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19 | Berton Moran – South Dakota Spirits, Haunted Land & Giant Owls

19 | Berton Moran – South Dakota Spirits, Haunted Land & Giant Owls

Mikey and Bub connect with Berton Moran from Local Legends. We first came in contact with Berton when he tuned into our episode with Holosky. Then we started seeing him pop up in other creators livestreams and contributing in the chats. He started tuning into our livestreams and we quickly started a conversation with him. He’s been a supporter of our show and we absolutely love what he’s doing with his YouTube channel and podcast. Berton just blew our minds with his paranormal stories and research. The Strange Crew was on edge all night. We opened the door to the office to leave that night to find a woman sitting on the stoop right in front of us. Mikey about had a heart attack and screamed like a banshee. Stoner and Bub were dying laughing. Thanks for freaking us out Berton!

Local Legends: Every town has its own local legends, I would like to explore them. Haunted locations creepy videos and some interesting information. Please come with us as we explore places and learn about the backstory to these Local Legends.

Berton Moran – South Dakota Spirits, Haunted Land & Giant Owls | 19

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Join us as we travel with Mikey, Bub and Berton down The Strange Road…

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