21 Part 2 | Adam Russell – Ancient Pyramid Technology

21 Part 2 | Adam Russell – Ancient Pyramid Technology

Mikey and Stoner get to finally reconnect with Adam Russell on this episode. We met Adam while working the 2018 Tribalize Event with our friend Chris. We were in between setting up for an interview and shooting a scheduled livestream when we saw Adam give a presentation about Agnihotra and Land Regeneration. Agni Hotra is an ancient Vedic ritual that is still practiced in India today. Thanks to people like Adam, people around the globe are tapping into this ancient technology. Stoner and I struck up a conversation with Adam after his presentation and ended up shooting a sunset Agnihotra ceremony with Adam and his now wife. If your are interested in land regeneration contact Adam and Symbiosis Regenerative Systems. They do incredible work! Be sure to follow them in the links below.

Adam Russell is an ecologist, explorer, and educator. For a decade he was an educator for Remote Medical International where he has worked with human and land health in remote locations around the world since 2006. He has worked to regenerate land with the use of the Holistic Management framework, Regrarians platform, Permaculture, earthworks, biodynamics, pyramids, and Homa farming practices which include biofertilizers and agnihotra. He seeks to build a knowledge base of how we can work to release the potential from under-utilized lands. Adam’s current projects include broadscale soil and atmospheric regeneration and the spread of available solutions through his work with Symbiosis.

Join us as we travel with Mikey, Bub & Adam down The Strange Road…

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Adam Russell – Agnihotra & Land Regeneration | 21

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