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23 Part 1 | Ron Holgado – The Parachute People

23 Part 1 | Ron Holgado – The Parachute People

Mikey and Bub sit down with their dear friend Ron Holgado from The Parachute People. We met Ron after 2016 Bonnaroo when we took a photo at Band of Horses and the then “Roo Chute” was in the background. Ron saw my post on Insta and DMd me. I told him how incredible the parachute experience was at Roo. I found out Ron was from Columbus, then ended up meeting up for a parachute bloom in Columbus and became fast friends. The Parachute People are holding an event Thursday, 4/5 to celebrate their roots in the community. The link is below if you want to join the event!

Ron Holgado, a 30-something native of Columbus, Ohio on a path of self-discovery and ultimate fulfillment. Working in healthcare for the last 10 years, Ron has devoted a life of service both in the hospital and in his communities, radiating positivity wherever he goes. Ron is the co-creator and founding member of The Parachute People, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to create community through play to empower personal well-being. Him and his friends have been traveling to major music festivals across the United States since 2014 bringing their gym class parachute (yes, just like the ones from elementary school) to invite audiences to be a kid again and just PLAY! This concept of bringing a parachute to create happiness blossomed from a 10-day silent meditation called Vipassana, where he learned the importance of being in the moment. Ron is passionate about lifting others up when they’re feeling down and utilizes the “Roochute” as a tool to remind people to be kind to others, and more importantly, to be kind to yourself.

Since then The Parachute People has been traveling to events across the country with the hope of sharing moments of fun with as many people as possible while emphasizing the importance of addressing mental health in daily life.

Join us as we travel with Mikey, Bub & Ron down The Strange Road…

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Ron Holgado – The Parachute People | 23

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