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Ayahuasca’s Therapeutic Benefits | Giordano Rossi, MSc

Ayahuasca’s Therapeutic Benefits | Giordano Rossi, MSc

Biologist, psychedelic researcher and PhD exchange student at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, Giordano Rossi, MSc joins Mikey and Bub for a fascinating conversation about Ayahuasca and the potential to heal mental health issues that affect so many people around the world. The world needs more research and data to uncover these ancient substances for healing the people of our planet. Modern pharmacology and big Pharma have done great things for modern medicine. However, in the last 20-30 years we have seen a focus on profits over healing patients. That has to stop! There is so much exciting things happening with psychedelic research we are trying to keep informed about what the future holds. We were introduced to Gio by our good friend of the show Zeus Tipado. Check out Gio’s full bio below and follow all the incredible research he’s doing below!

Ayahuasca’s Therapeutic Benefits | Giordano Rossi, MSc


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BIO: Giordano is a Biologist with a master’s degree in Mental Health. Back in his hometown in Brazil, his Ph.D. at the University of São Paulo involves a clinical trial evaluating and comparing the therapeutic effects of four consecutive doses of ayahuasca or oral esketamine for the treatment of depression and anxiety. We are also measuring changes in related variables such as safety and tolerability, subjective effects, personality traits, pain perception and sleep. He’s currently spending six months as an exchange Ph.D. student in Maastricht University in the Netherlands, where we are investigating changes in sleep quality after ayahuasca use in naturalistic settings. Hobbies include mainly nature and landscape photography and playing the guitar.


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