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Bigfoot Investigations & Methodology | Bea Mills

Bigfoot Investigations & Methodology | Bea Mills

Bubs and Mikey had the pleasure of welcoming renowned Bigfoot expert Bea Mills to The Strange Road studio for a deep dive into the methodology of Bigfoot investigations! Bea Mills has been featured on Travel Channel’s’ Finding Bigfoot, is a nationally recognized public speaker, and BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) Expedition Leader. She is an active Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist since 2014, and chapter president for 4 terms. Awarded the Bigfoot Times 2019 Bigfooter of the Year and first Female recipient, second Ohioan for her work documenting and casting one of the longest alleged bigfoot tracklines in history, and recording over a terabyte of audio and sasquatch vocalizations during a 5 year investigation. Author of her first book – BIGFOOT A Methodolgy of Madness. Founder of the Hocking Hills Bigfoot Festival and Conference, she encourages all folks to get outdoors and explore!

Bigfoot Investigations & Methodology | Bea Mills


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Join us as we travel with Bea Mills down The Strange Road…

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