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Spirit Boxes, ITC & Paranormal Research – Matthew Jackson

Spirit Boxes, ITC & Paranormal Research – Matthew Jackson

On this episode of The Strange Road the fellas sit down with paranormal researcher, ITC expert and creator, Matthew “Evel Ogilville” Jackson. That’s Evel like Knievel y’all! How we came in contact with Matthew is a very strange sync up involving my Big Bro, John. John introduced himself to Matthew at an event at The Historic Crump Theatre in Columbus, IN and told him about his brother’s show, The Strange Road and insisted we link up. Matthew reached out to us and within seconds of chatting we knew we had to get him on. Thanks John! This was one of our favorite episodes we’ve ever done. The crew learned so much about spirit boxes and Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) technology. Matthew premieres one of his latest videos during the episode which show the spirit boxes in action! It’s extremely strange…

Spirit Boxes, ITC & Paranormal Research | Matthew Jackson

BIO: Matthew Jackson began actively researching the paranormal in 2009. After a string of unexplainable events — the strangest being in 2003 when a discarnate voice whispered in his ear and then chucked a glass of water at his head at the exact location of an unsolved murder from 1970 — he began delving into connections between tragic history and supernatural occurrences. He instantly became drawn to Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) and has developed a passion for Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and using Spirit/Ghost Boxes for real-time communication in his sessions. He has investigated many locations, including iconic ones such as the Lizzie Borden House, and has braved the halls of Waverly Hills Sanatorium on numerous occasions. Matthew is also the proud owner of some of the most unique spirit boxes in the field. He recently began construction on a new site, The mission of Obscura Vox ITC is to provide a collaborative space pertaining to the history and modern research of Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC). For more on Matthew’s haunting endeavors, follow his blog:

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Join us as we travel with Matthew Jackson down The Strange Road…

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