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Spiritual Tolerance & Consciousness | Darrell Nichols

Spiritual Tolerance & Consciousness | Darrell Nichols

Spiritual Tolerance & Consciousness | Darrell NicholsOn this episode of The Strange Road, Mikey and Bub sat down with humanitarian, speaker, spokesman, Darrell Nichols! He has one of the most unique life stories of anyone we’ve ever talked to. Darrell breaks down his paranormal experience visiting Serpent Mound, spirituality, christianity, energy, sound frequencies, shungite crystals, ancient knowledge, ancient civilizations, chaga mushrooms and so much more! His life experiences and journey is fascinating and inspiring. Darrell has a BS in Business and is a former Army Captain, Ordained minister, former Pastor and Jurisdictional Bishop and Certified facilitator for the Ohio Violence Prevention Program, he commits his time and energy into building bridges of diversity, spiritual tolerance, and consciousness to unify humanity and stop violence. He is currently involved with friends and allies in organizing the 1st Nations Indigenous Wisdom Conference in support indigenous peoples of 10 nations later this year in 2016. This, after several years of being taught by elders and mentors from the Dogon, Yamasee, Aztec, Mayan tribes and others sharing their wisdom and aspirations.

Spiritual Tolerance & Consciousness | Darrell Nichols

Join us as we travel with Mikey, Bub, Stoner, Disbrow and Darrell Nichols down The Strange Road…

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