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The Occult, Alchemy & The Homunculus | Juan on Juan SWAPCAST

The Occult, Alchemy & The Homunculus | Juan on Juan SWAPCAST

Avid researcher, truth seeker and host of The Juan on Juan Podcast, Juan Ayala joins Mikey and Bub for an epic SWAPCAST! Some of you have been asking for an episode on the occult and we delivered! Juan schooled the fellas on systems of alchemy and the homunculus. What is a homunculus? Tune in to find out! We also cover the mysterious story of alchemist John Dee and his scryer Sir Edward Kelley. This is an eye opening episode that we’ll never forget!

The Occult, Alchemy & The Homunculus | Juan on Juan SWAPCAST

Juan enjoys long walks on the beach and talks about conspiracy theories. In his free time, he spends time with his family and has various hobbies ranging from fishing to mountain biking. Since he was a young boy he was raised in a religious household, forcing him to question a lot of things growing up. He eventually broke out of that matrix and because of his hunger for knowledge, his podcast was born.

The Juan on Juan Podcast is a show where he talks about life, current events, esoterica, the occult, and other mysteries of the universe. He has interviewed a variety of guests on his show including scholars, artists, authors, and musicians. His goal in creating his podcast is to ask the hard questions and to share knowledge on certain esoteric subjects.


Join us as we travel with Juan Ayala down The Strange Road…

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