03 | Eric Rollin – Works of Freedom

03 | Eric Rollin – Works of Freedom

Eric Rollin | The Strange Road #03

In this episode my boy Eric Rollin and I sit down to chat about his company Works of Freedom Ohio and the work they are doing to help inspire the youth through music in the Columbus, Oh area. We are in strange times with the Covid-19 shutdowns and protests spreading across the country in response to the killing of George Floyd. Eric has a great perspective about what is currently happening to black communities all across America. I’ve had some pretty deep and intense experiences with Eric and respect his words. I appreciate his honesty when talking about these difficult topics.

Rollin is a professional singer/songwriter, educator, mentor and audio engineer. He is the founder of the Columbus Chicken and Beer Festival, co-founder and singer/songwriter for the national band Mistar Anderson, and founder of the local music initiative “The Break” (longest running freestyle hip-hop open-mic night in Columbus, Ohio). He is also a member and/or advocate of various non-profit organizations dedicated to community music development.

Mr. Rollin, former music instructor at Hanna Aston Middle School with mentor Jim Shaw, founder of Columbus Songwriting Workshop. He currently serves as the songwriting instructor at Franklinton High School. For the past 16 years, he has been writing music professionally and empowering youth by encouraging the use of positive and creative outward expression as a tool to increase socialization skills, academic success, and to overcome behavioral and emotional challenges. His passion for improving community by inspiring individual works of freedom.

Join us as we travel with Eric down The Strange Road…

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