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Giants & The Smithsonian | TSR Detours 03

Giants & The Smithsonian | TSR Detours 03

Giant Skeletons & The Smithsonian | The Strange Road 03

Mikey & Bub take a Detour on The Strange Road finding themselves in the Ohio Valley exploring the stories of the “The Tall Ones”, a forgotten race of giant humans. The guys weed through the countless reports from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s telling of large skeletons found in ancient burial mounds all over North America. Ohio alone has over 300 historical accounts of giant skeletons being revealed in the great earthen mounds of the Ohio Valley. The tales of the lost giants is an extremely controversial subject in the archaeological community. The official position of local archaeological societies and other institutions like The Smithsonian Institute is that there was no lost race of giants….. despite the overwhelming amount of accounts. Are these institutions actively hiding the real truth of North American giants and what’s the real truth?

Join us as we take another trip down The Strange Road with The Lost Giants of Ohio…


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