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09 Part 1 | Jeffrey Wilson – Ancient Apocalypse and Serpent Mound

09 Part 1 | Jeffrey Wilson – Ancient Apocalypse and Serpent Mound

Jeffrey Wilson – Ancient Apocalypse & Serpent Mound | The Strange Road #09 Part 1

Mikey and Bub sit down in studio with Jeffrey Wilson to dig deep into the documented history of Serpent Mound and the characters throughout history surrounding the site going back almost 200 years. Jeff offered some clarity with the controversy surrounding Graham Hancock’s hit Netflix series Ancient Apocalypse and the owners and operators of Serpent Mound, Ohio History Connection. Was Graham and his crew banned from the site? Well who better to ask than our buddy Jeff. He was featured in Ancient Apocalypse | Ep 06 – America’s Lost Civilization. Jeff was interviewed by the crew about how important this site was to America’s lost history. A video surfaced from Soul of Jaret’s YouTube page, right before shooting this episode where a woman working the front gate was asked about the Graham Hancock ban. Her answer was interesting and it seems to contradict the time span of dates for filming among other details. The email was made public by Graham on his website:

We are still following along with the back and fourth between the two camps. It’s interesting to see other podcasters and content creators getting involved in the conversation as well. Finding intention is key!

BIO: Jeffrey currently serves as President of the Friends of Serpent Mound, a registered 501c3 non-profit organization advocating for Serpent Mound. Wilson been a guest on various national and local TV networks, as well as national and local radio programs including National Geographic International, Coast to Coast A.M. with George Noory, and most recently on the worldwide hit show Ancient Apocalypse.

Wilson received a Master’s Degree in General Science from Eastern Michigan University located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, where he taught both Physics and Astronomy classes, and helped operate and maintain Sherzer Observatory on a volunteer basis.

Wilson also serves as chief editor and publisher of Serpent Mound Books & Press, a small publisher specializing in deep research into the prehistory of the Ohio River Valley. His first book, Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley – the Expanded Edition will be released at the end of 2022, and the book series The Serpent Mound Chronicles beginning in 2023.

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Join us as we travel with Jeff Wilson down The Strange Road…

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