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Strange Happenings: Mermaids, UFO’s, JFK Files & Petra Floods

Strange Happenings: Mermaids, UFO’s, JFK Files & Petra Floods

Mermaids, UFO’s, JFK Archives & Ancient Sites In Peril are the news topics for today on Strange Happenings. Join us as Mikey & Bubs discuss the weird stuff they found on the internet this past week. We went off into some tangents that relate to the topics from our personal experiences. Are Mermaids real? Are their Deep Underwater Bases and ET’s that are protecting this small Mexican City? We took a little time on looking into the latest release of The JFK Files, which is a document dump going back to the JFK Act from 1992 that required many 3 letter agencies to release their white papers concerning the JFK Assassination. Those 3 letter agencies are continuing to withhold 3% of the documents, which some think is a treasure trove of data that links Lee Harvey Oswald and others to clandestine CIA operations leading up to the assassination. We feel for the 1400 people that had to be evacuated from the ancient city of Petra due to a massive flood. We also cover some jack ass sneaking into a historic site and defacing a majestic petroglyph wall. It sickens me to think someone could have that sad of a life or be bored enough to do something like that. Way to go bud you win Danny of they year!

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Strange Happenings: Mermaids, UFO’s, JFK Files & Petra Floods

Join us as we travel with Mikey, Bub and Stoner down The Strange Road…

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