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27 Pt 1 | Jesus Payan Jr. – Breaking Bigfoot

27 Pt 1 | Jesus Payan Jr. – Breaking Bigfoot

Jesus Payan Jr. is an actor who is well known for his role as Gonzo on the Hit Series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, along with numerous other movies with Steven Segal and Mark Wahlberg.

He has also been a longtime Sasquatch Researcher. The Sasquatch first entered the bigger-than-life actor, Jesus Payan Jrs.’s life via a book by Author C. Clark’s “Mysterious World” at age 5. In the year 2000, while living in New Mexico’s Lincoln County National Forest, he heard his first Sasquatch making 2 long haunting calls that silenced the forest.

Thus, beginning his lifelong quest to find and understand the reality of this mysterious creature. He was chosen as one of the field researchers for the “Falcon Project.” He was featured on FINDING BIGFOOT on their “Four corners episode on the Upper Fruitland Navajo Reservation where Jesus Jr. threw the first Bigfoot Conference ever on that reservation.

He’s worked with numerous PHD’s in Anthropology and was part of the Cryptid Hominid Genome Project. Now he has teamed up with MonsterQuest Producer – Creator Doug Hajicek on some new endeavors. He’s been face to face with a Sasquatch within 10 feet of him as well as other sightings. He’s been researching Sasquatch in and out of the field for 33 years.

Thank you to Jessica Jones for linking us up and D.A. Roberts, Robby and Anthony for putting Jesus’ research on our radar!

Join us as we travel with Mikey, Bub, Stoner, Disbrow and Jesus down The Strange Road…

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