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Jeffrey & Delsey Wilson: FOSM | Summer Solstice Celebration Preview

Jeffrey & Delsey Wilson: FOSM | Summer Solstice Celebration Preview

The Strange Crew got to sit down with 2 of the founding members of Friends of The Serpent Mound, Jeffrey and Delsey Wilson. In this episode we get a sneak peak into the FOSM Summer Solstice Celebration coming up, June 23-25. There will be incredible speakers and music throughout the weekend! As well as workshops and other adventures you can sign up for! This is a FREE Event thanks to the many sponsors. Thank you for all of your support! We also got a chance to talk to Jeffrey about his new book coming out!

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Jeffrey & Delsey Wilson – FOSM | Summer Solstice Celebration Preview

The Strange Road is proud to be a sponsor for the second year in a row for this event! We’ll out there capturing some of the presentations over the weekend and we’re doing a live podcast Saturday Evening, starting at 4:00p EST.

FOSM Mission:

Bringing the World to Serpent Mound and Serpent Mound to the world. The Friends of Serpent Mound and its resulting Board, was formed to improve the visitors quality of experience, expand upon informational dictates, advocate for, to protect, preserve and to promote The Great Serpent Mound (site). We remain an independent, Non-Profit organization of like minded individuals, in service to our passion of Bringing the World to Serpent Mound and Serpent Mound to the World. In our nearly twenty years of steadfast dedication, we have grown in purpose to include other local ancient indigenous sites.

Join us as we travel with Mikey, Bub, Jeffrey and Delsey down The Strange Road…

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