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Bigfoot Expeditions – Tate Hieronymus

Bigfoot Expeditions – Tate Hieronymus

On this episode of The Strange Road Mikey and Bub hung out with Bigfoot researcher and filmmaker Tate Hieronymus! Tate shared some stories from his most recent adventures and we had some laughs! Enjoy y’all!

Bigfoot Expeditions | Tate Hieronymus

BIO: I grew up riding dirt bikes. While living in Mexico, I was lucky enough to work at the famous Baja 1000 off road races there and got to be in a few scenes of Action Sports filmmaker, Dana Brown’s film, Dust 2 Glory, his sequel to “Dust to Glory”.

Moved to California a few years later. Thats when my Bigfoot career sorta speak started taking shape, as I would frequent the Bluff Creek area in Northern California twice a year, eventually leading to meet Cliff and Bobo, and as well as becoming a member of the Bluff Creek Project.

Eventually I meet Matt Moneymaker, help set up a BFRO Expedition and became a researcher in the BFRO. I was lucky enough to make it into a recreation segment for the Finding Bigfoot show.

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