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Higher States Of Consciousness | Brandon Thomas of Expanding Reality

Higher States Of Consciousness | Brandon Thomas of Expanding Reality

On this episode of The Strange Road Mikey and Bub hung out with author, publisher, seeker and host of Expanding Reality Podcast, Brandon Thomas! The fellas were both inspired and highly motivated after this one. Brandon shares his personal journey from growing up in a religious household in Texas, to finding New Age ideas and psychedelics. He also breaks down the creation and implementation of these incredibly unique journals, which are now for sale on Amazon (Links Below). Brandon shows us example of how to use these journals to hold yourself accountable and expand your consciousness and reality. He shares his recent bout with depression and how he freed himself of toxic thinking and patterns that were no longer serving him. Sometimes starting fresh is the only path forward. You won’t want to miss this one. We had a blast with Brandon and we hope you all enjoy this one!

Higher States Of Consciousness | Brandon Thomas of Expanding Reality

BIO: Brandon Thomas is in full alignment with his purpose of conscious awakening. His ever present mission of “giving people back to themselves” has presented itself as breakthrough opportunities to expand ever deeper into the mysteries that fuel his curiosity which in turn, fuels his creativity.

He can also be found hosting stimulating conversations with his podcast Expanding Reality. Who’s mantra is “The expansion of consciousness cleverly disguised as a podcast.”

Brandon is also the Founder/Reality Expander of Ridiginal Publishing. Who is committed to “Empowering and Amplifying the Voices and Visions of Ridiculously Original Authors and Creators.

Ridiginal is the proud publisher of Expanding Reality | Expanded Insight and Episodic Reflection | Volume 001. A companion handbook to the podcast Expanding Reality hosted by Brandon Thomas.

Ridiginal is now elated to publish his Expansion Journal Series. This is a Mindfully Expansive look at self. This series encourages critical thinking and invites true self actualization.

Brandon has appeared on many podcasts and broadcasts to discuss his story, his creations and his unique perception of reality, of life, and of purpose. Brandon’s books and show is linked below!

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