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Discovering Ohio’s Ancient Earthworks – Part 1 | Jeffrey Wilson

Discovering Ohio’s Ancient Earthworks – Part 1 | Jeffrey Wilson

Author, educator, researcher, public speaker and ancient earthwork advocate Jeffery Wilson stops by the studio to talk about his epic new book Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley – The Expanded Edition. Jeffrey discovered never before seen maps, surveys and documents buried deep in archives around the world. These volumes rewrite early American and Ohio history. Giving credit to early researchers that time has forgotten. Jeffrey currently serves as President of the Friends of Serpent Mound, a registered 501c3 non-profit organization advocating for Serpent Mound. Wilson been a guest on various national and local TV networks, as well as national and local radio programs including National Geographic International, Coast to Coast A.M. with George Noory, and most recently on the worldwide hit show Ancient Apocalypse.

Rediscovering Ohio’s Ancient Earthworks – Part 1 | Jeffrey Wilson

Wilson received a Master’s Degree in General Science from Eastern Michigan University located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, where he taught both Physics and Astronomy classes, and helped operate and maintain Sherzer Observatory on a volunteer basis. Wilson also serves as chief editor and publisher of Serpent Mound Books & Press, a small publisher specializing in deep research into the prehistory of the Ohio River Valley. His first book, Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley – The Expanded Edition is out now! Jeffrey is currently working on his new book series The Serpent Mound Chronicles. Connect with Jeffrey and find all his work in the links below!


Join us as we travel with Jeffrey Wilson down The Strange Road…

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