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Time Travel & Stacked Time Theory | Mike Ricksecker

Time Travel & Stacked Time Theory | Mike Ricksecker

Mike Ricksecker is the author of the best-selling books A Walk In The Shadows, and Alaska’s Mysterious Triangle, as well as several historic paranormal books. His latest best-selling book is Travels Through Time: Inside the Fourth Dimension, Time Travel, and Stacked Time Theory, published in 2023. He has appeared on multiple television shows and programs, including History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and The UnXplained, Travel Channel’s The Alaska Triangle, Discovery+’s Fright Club, Animal Planet’s The Haunted, multiple series on Gaia TV, and more. Mike is the producer and director of the docu-series, The Shadow Dimension, available on several streaming platforms, and produces additional full-length content on ancient wisdom, lost civilizations, and the supernatural on his extensive YouTube channel.

Time Travel & Stacked Time Theory | Mike Ricksecker

For more than six years he has hosted The Edge of the Rabbit Hole livestream show and also hosts the Connecting the Universe interactive class. He operates his own book publishing and video production company, Haunted Road Media, representing a number of authors, and winning the award for Excellent Media in The Paranormal Field at the 2019 Shockfest Film Festival.

Mike’s historic paranormal articles have been published in The Baltimore Sun, Paranormal Underground Magazine, and he previously wrote an Oklahoma City paranormal column for (2010 – 2014). His work has also been featured in The Oklahoman, The Frederick News-Post, Marshall University’s The Parthenon, and Louisiana State University’s Civil War Book Review. He now hosts many of these articles along with informational videos and learning courses on the Connected Universe Portal website.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Mike is a U.S. Air Force veteran with a degree in simulation programming and is an avid baseball fan.


Join us as we travel with Mike Ricksecker down The Strange Road…

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