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Giants Of Ancient America – Travis Roy

Giants Of Ancient America – Travis Roy

On this episode of The Strange Road, Mikey and Bub sat down with historian and researcher, Travis Roy of Giants of Ancient America on Instagram. We found out about Travis during the research phase of our 3.5 hour long episode, Giant Skeletons & The Smithsonian. The Strange Crew has been blown away by the never ending newspaper clippings Travis has found. These stories about giant skeletons being found with incredible art, jewelry and artifacts all across the United States and beyond is astounding! Travis also shared some of his personal paranormal encounters being in the woods his entire life. From orbs to Bigfoot this episode took an amazing left turn!

Giants of Ancient America | Travis Roy

BIO: Giants roamed America in the ancient past, building fortifications and erecting massive burial & temple worship mounds. In truth, this race of titans roamed the earth, leaving their esteemed deceased within tumuli of earth and stone. Their handiworks can still be seen across the globe. Current history texts attribute a more-modern native approach to be the builders of such works (stone and dirt pyramids, Easter island heads, megalithic monuments etc.), but it’s my belief that another race is responsible.

TSR Detours | Giant Skeletons & The Smithsonian:

Join us as we travel with Mikey, Bub, Stoner, Disbrow and Travis down The Strange Road…

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