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Salt Fork State Park Sasquatch Encounters – John Hickenbottom

Salt Fork State Park Sasquatch Encounters – John Hickenbottom

On this episode of The Strange Road, Mikey and Bub sat down with Salt Fork State Park Naturalist and Educator, John Hickenbottom! John works for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and has gained notoriety for being Ohio’s Bigfoot Naturalist. He puts on many events and hikes educating people on the environment, animals, plants and yes bigfoot. Specifically, Ohio reptiles and amphibians are his primary passions. John makes it very clear. He is not a Bigfoot researcher, but is a Bigfoot educator. John has been a contributor at the Salt Fork Bigfoot Conference for many years. At first John didn’t take the subject of Bigfoot seriously. Then the years of eyewitness stories began to build up from visitors to the park and John became open to the idea that maybe there was some hidden creatures in the South Eastern forests of Ohio. We chopped it up about bears and larger predators in Ohio, which leads John to believe that the forests of Ohio can support a large bi-pedal primates. He just doesn’t know what the phenomenon is, but has an open minded scientific approach to his work. John is still searching for answers when it comes to the elusive hide and go seek champ, The Ohio Grassman.

Salt Fork State Park Bigfoot Encounters | John Hickenbottom

Join us as we travel with Mikey, Bub, Stoner, Disbrow and John down The Strange Road…

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